saturday or monday
Handing over at the first day from 4 pm – taking back at last day till 10 am
(other days can be arranged)

booking periods

weekly charter

One week = 7 nights on board. Prices can differ, if there are two seasons in booking period. Turnover saturday or monday.

short week charter

4 nights and weekend charter on demand

included in the rent:

  • rent of the yacht
  • dishes, blankets, pillows and inventory according to equipment list
  • Yachts from 11m length including bed linen and sheets ("Alexa", "Bella", "Lady Angela", "Lady Anni", "Lady Claudia","Lady Neringa", "Miss Sunday", "Gloria", "MS Katharina", "MS Luxor II", "MS Viktoria", "Sarah", "Theresa","Mo-Ninety","Mo-Ninety II", "Paula" and "Peer")
  • briefing on departure day
  • sea charts on board
  • liability and collision damage insurance

excluding rent:

  • bed linen and sheets to 11m lengths (except "Peer“ , "Mo-Ninety" and "Paula" )
  • towels
  • running costs (diesel depending on consumption)
  • excreta disposal - if waste tank is not emptied completely
  • If was not completely cleaned by charterer and disinfected -Cleaning
  • Saftey deposit has to be paid in cash

other costs

Pets: each 50 € charter license acquisition: 85 € skipper traning: 65 €/h


  • With our license-free boats you can drive on approved water and areas, after briefing and performance of charter certificate.
  • For the yachts „Frencis“, „Nemo“ and “Denny” you do not need a driver´s license nor a charter license.
  • The fresh water on board is not for drinking.
  • Boat height can differ,because of water depth gauge, mast,sprayhood etc. .Minus mast and sprayhood height can be low for more than 30-50cm.
  • All dimensions in the brochure and website are approximate.


charges at the port Marina Havelauen

  • Demurrage ship per meter length and per night € 1,50 (in the first and the last night of the charter booking are no mooring fees !)
  • Accompanying person each 2,50 €

parking fees

  • car 3,00 € per day
  • trailer up to 5m 4,50€ per day
  • transporter/camper/trailer > 5m 6,00 € per day
  • camper in use up to 6m 6,00€ per night
  • camper in use up to 12m 9,00 € per night


  • tender excl. Motor 8,00€ per day
  • outboard motor 5,00 € per day
  • iPad with Navionics 6,00 € per day
  • „Cobb-BBQ“ each 25,00 € per week
  • bicycle 5,00 € per day
  • linen 12,00 € per person
  • towel set 4,00 €

Fees and associated costs in other partner marinas can differ.

our brochure

our brochure 2016

The prices include the applicable VAT . , Currently 19%. No liability is accepted for any printing errors and omissions. All information without obligation , subject to change . Effective date: 02. 09. 2013

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